miércoles, 29 de octubre de 2014


Racism in Spain has been increasing so fastly, since the inmigration of many foreign people looking for work or simply for living in ''good conditions'' some Spanish people most of them older people influence young people  to not accept Muslims, Arabians.. this behaviour  affects our image, not only as a country, also as a person.

One solution to the problem is try to persuade narrow-minded people that they are people like us and does not matter the colour of the skin, also, that they come to Spain to do for a living and not all come to steal, but by the contrast this solution is very difficult to solve  because the people who believe all this things will still thinking whatever they want.

Another thing that we can do to meet this need is convince the media to give more importance to this issue,  for example, TV talk about many things throughout the day, but I only listen anything about racism twice a week as much. To my mind, TV would have to talk more about that fact because it influences all over the world, and if we watch and listen to it, probably we might realise about the damage that the racism causes.

In conclusion, we need to solve this problem as soon as we can, because in the future is so important to create open-minded people who knows despite of the difference of skin color, we all are people, and we also have the same human rights.

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