domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014


A place that one day I will visit is Venice because is the most beautiful city in Italy.
Venice is a ancient city which is surrounded by water from the Adriatic sea. This authentic city fleet above the sea and this is the reason that Venice is a quiet place.

The fact of being surrounded by water allows you to visit this lovely city by a gondola, in this gondola you can see the best architectures of the city, the peaceful streets and the bridges. All these things illustrates the art, the history and the beauty of this city and they had made that Venice had been declared World Heritage sit.
One of my favourite places in Venice is San Marco's square. It's the unique square in Venice. 
It's a huge square which was built in the IX century .One disadvantage of this is that the square is often flooded because is located in the low part of Venice.
In this square are situated the San Marco's basilica and also the Ducal palace which was also a jail.

Apart from this square you can also visit the San Giorgio Maggiore basilica or the Giorgio Franchetti Galery.

Here, more pictures of Venice:
The big canal of Venice

A lovely street of Venice

 Rialto's bridge

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  1. I love Venice. I travelled there last May and spent a great time taking pictures and walking around. : -)

  2. It's great you like Venice, I would love to go there someday too ^^ One of my friends has a Venetian mask and I am so jealous >-< I hope you visit Venice soon ! ;3

  3. Thanks Charo! I love Venetian masks too and I'm trying to travel to Venice this summer!