sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2014


Last night, my friends and I celebrated Halloween night, like every year we went to a friend's house and we dinner together, after we told scary stories. Yesterday, one friend told an history that it really scared me, the story was about her house, she told that during the night of halloween she heard strange noises, like steps and whispers and she believes that there is a spirit in her house. When she told it, all of my friends face turned pale because the place where we were was the house of this girl.
Afterwards, we started disguise for the party, some years back we disguise of saw, Mexican skull.. but this year, as we are studying outside it has been difficult to prepare a good costum, so we decided to dress up of a typical skull. The night was amazing, when we go to the pub where the party was, there are a lot of people, and we passed a good time. Finally, there was a costumes contest and we were a second position, so we received a prize.

Here some pictures of the night:
Me and my friends

Me with ''The mad hatter''

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