martes, 30 de diciembre de 2014


Tomorrow is the last day of 2014 and sincerely, this has passed so fast. Many things have happened to me, some of them were good others were bad but the important thing is that I have learnt from all of them. 2014 started losing a person so important for me, maybe it was the worst thing that  has happened to me in this year but in the end, I have understood that If someone do not want to stay with me, I have to let her/him go.  In 2014,  I have learnt that I have to faith more in myself that I do not have to surrender even when the things can not get worse. Also, that I have been able to get all the things that I have always dreamt, one of these is studying English at the university. If myself of the past could see me, he would not believe that in the future I would be as I am. By the contrast, I am so proud that how I am today and the long road that I have had to walk to be where I am.

jueves, 25 de diciembre de 2014


As we all know, today is an special day for everyone in the world. Yes, today is Christmas day!, a date that  people wait the whole year for many reasons, for example for spending a good time with their family  or in the case of children to play with the gifts that Santa has left the night before. Since we were child, our family, has told us the same history about Christmas, Santa and the three wise men, but nobody have thought that maybe this things are not as our parents have told us. 
Today I am going to talk about some curious things that in the last years I have discovered either by teachers, internet or television.

First of all, I have believed all my life that 'jingle bells' is a typical song of Christmas, but the last year my English teacher told me that this song it was not written for Christmas,  it was written for Thanksgiving day. Besides, Christmas seems to be an ancient tradition, nevertheless, it was not an official holiday in America until 1870.

In addition to this, people believe that the word 'Xmas' is created for this people that do not believe in God, but by the contrast, this word is Greek, an according to my Greek teacher 'X' means Christ in Greek language. Also, the Christmas socks that we usually put on the chimney have it origin when three unmarried girls that they could not marry because they had not money , put their socks in the chimney to dry it, and during the night of christmas it is believed that Santa put in the socks a sack of gold and the next day they could marry because they already had money. 

In conclusion,  there are a large number of speculations about Christmas and all of their traditions. I have shared with you which I considered the most interesting. 


martes, 23 de diciembre de 2014

Second '' Práctica evaluable'' .

THESIS STATEMENT :  Spanish food is much better if we compare it with American food because       although American food is more tasty, Spanish food is much more healthy and variated.

     A. Spanish food helps you to stay healthy.
     B. Most of our food contains natural products. (EXAMPLES)
              - Meat and fish.

     A.Most of the food contains fat and they are made with bad things for ourselves.
     B. If we ate some types of food we can have problems with our weight.
              - Pizzas.
              -Hot dogs.

     A.Most of the American food is fast or junk food.
     B. We eat more healthier things than American (EXAMPLES)

CONCLUDING SENTENCE : In conclusion, American food can be more tasty and attractive than   Spanish food, but not more healthier.

lunes, 22 de diciembre de 2014

First ''práctica evaluable''

One year ago, I started watching some American TV  Series in original version on the Internet.  When I asked my friends If they had watched any tv series in original version, they told me that they preferred watching Spanish tv series because they understand it. Nevertheless, I prefer watching series in English because I love this language and also because it is a good way to improve it. Another reason is that when we watch for example, '' How I met your mother'' in Spanish the jokes which they say do not have sense because these only can be understood by American/English people. As a result, if you watch this in V.O. and you know anything of this language you can understand it and this can helps you to know new jokes or new expressions that are not normally used in Spanish. To my mind, there are not negative aspects on watching American series in V.O. , because a thing that helps you to know more than you knew before and also you have a good time watching them , it is not a bad thing, it is something that we should do more frequently.

domingo, 21 de diciembre de 2014

'The meaning of happiness'

Last months, specially since I started the university, one question is always in my head: ''What does it mean to be happy?''. This seems one of the question that children usually ask and we do not know how to answer it. Today, I am determined to find the way of explaining what I understand for this thing that make us feel a feeling that nobody can describe.

When I was a child, the teacher explain us that it is a process originated in our brain, it is an experience that we know happens because our nervous system trigger an answer and we feel what we called '' happiness''. Although she explained me this thing many times, I did not understand what was this strange word.

A year ago, I overheard a conversation between my father and my sister, she told her that to find the why we are happy and what does it mean, we should do the things that make us feel this ''happiness''. This moment was when I understood that happiness could be singing in the shower, painting or remember a good memory of the past.

Now, I believe that happiness is just a word, a word that all of the people and the things that we love build it. If we are happy with a person or doing a certain activity, we try to spend the most of our time with him/her or doing it. If we find something that make us really happy, our life will be better for us. This is not something that only lasts one or two days, it is something that burns inside of us and does not go out.

All in all, look for answers and try to know why we are happy has only one solution: find it for ourselves. We need to go out, we need to learn for ourselves. We need to understand it for our own way and do not let anybody else tell us what is it. So go out, go out to find what makes you happy.

martes, 2 de diciembre de 2014



Nowadays, television is bad for us because it has become in a way to influence us to bad habits, to not have a good education and to not talk properly. Some tv channels maintain a huge struggle for establish themselves as <<the most watched>>. This causes most of the time that they make strategies to attract us and then, achieve this wanted position. Every time that I think in this issue, I only remain a quote by Groucho Marx : “I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”  This is totally true, they do not realise of these acts and the mistakes that they are making.


All in all, I do not know what they pretend. Maybe the solution is not in our hands, or yes, maybe the important thing is put other first and apart us from the people and the things that through our live only can help us to continue with the society that we are making now.