lunes, 27 de octubre de 2014

Advantages or disadvantages of studying abroad.

Actually, many students go abroad to study their careers, this fact has become more famous since the appearance of some grants which allows you to study wherever you want for some months or even all the year. All of us would want to live this adventure without thinking, but sometimes when we make fast decisions, we forget that not everything can be good.

On the one hand, going to another country to study is a good way to learn how to do the things from home like do the laundry or cook your own food. Also, learn new traditions, try new food and if you go for example to English-speaking countries you can improve your English or if you go to another country you can learn a new language such as German or French.

By the contrast, when you go abroad, you are far from your house, and it can be difficult because there are days in which you need some support from your family because you are sad. Besides, you are in a different country with different traditions, timetables, and it is difficult to get use to it.

All in all, the beginnings are never easy and less if you are far from your family, but this thing, is not an obstacle that impede you to take advantage of this experience,learn new things and enjoy it as much as you can.

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