lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2014

University life vs high school life.

As students, our lives are always based on studying for exams and doing works for the class. We have advanced throughout our lives and now, that we are in the University, could we say that the life in the university is much more better than the life in the high school?

While in the university you have a timetable more irregular (one day you have to go three hours others four..), in high school you should go six hours without changes except if the teacher is ill. Also, in the high school you study subjects that you do not like ( such as maths or chemistry in my case) as long as in the university you are studying the degree that you love although there are subjects that you fancy less. Furthermore, the exams in the university are in January and June whereas in the high school you do an exam biweekly. 

On balance, life in the university is better than life in high school, there are many clear differences, but the most clear is that in university we can live more relaxed and also have more time for preparing our exams and at the same time go out with our friends.

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