martes, 25 de noviembre de 2014


Last monday, I finished reading Bad Karma, a book writen by David Safier. The book is about a woman, who works in a television program, she has a husband who she cheats  and a pretty daughter, but her busy life do not allow her to see her.  By the contrast, she is so happy because she has won an award, until a piece of debris falls on her and kills her. Then, because of her bad behavior she is reincarnated into an ant, and she has to do good things if she wants to achieve the most high status( 'status of' ) in this case is a dog.  I strongly recommend this, because it is a good book and when you are reading it, it makes you think so much. In my case, when I was reading it, I could not stop thinking about if Karma really exists. Well, I believe in it. All the people who hurt me in a moment of my life, finally they have ended suffering. In a manner, believe in karma is a way to maintain me peacefully, because when somebody hurts me, his/her bad behavior will come back to them. Nevertheless, for other people karma does not exist, they believe that things happens because they have to. One example of karma is now popular in our lives : Many politicians, famous people  that have stolen money, despite of having enjoyed it, they have finally been caught and they are still in jail. Besides, karma makes us spend our lives doing good things for receiving so much good things. For this reasons, for having a good life and for being happy we should do believe in karma.

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