miércoles, 12 de noviembre de 2014

Outline an essay

Thesis statement: The possibility of having a gun in a house has made the world more dangerous, because of it there are many accidents, the violence has increased and people feel unsteady.

                 I.Why is forbidden to have a gun?

                  1.  Guns don't encourage the peace.
                  2. Increase the number of murders and accidents.
            II. Effects of having a gun in the society.
                 1.Easy access to guns makes the death something common.
                     2. Children can learn that violence is good.

            III. Things that we can do to stop this issue.

                 1.Stablish new high-standars.
                 2. Fine every people who have an unregistered gun.

Concluding sentence: Since people are allowed to have a gun, the life has become in something valuable. People can shoot you if you have an argument with him or her in spite of solving the problem pacifically. This thing along with all of the essay makes me to come to a conclusion: Guns are not the answer. 


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