domingo, 21 de diciembre de 2014

'The meaning of happiness'

Last months, specially since I started the university, one question is always in my head: ''What does it mean to be happy?''. This seems one of the question that children usually ask and we do not know how to answer it. Today, I am determined to find the way of explaining what I understand for this thing that make us feel a feeling that nobody can describe.

When I was a child, the teacher explain us that it is a process originated in our brain, it is an experience that we know happens because our nervous system trigger an answer and we feel what we called '' happiness''. Although she explained me this thing many times, I did not understand what was this strange word.

A year ago, I overheard a conversation between my father and my sister, she told her that to find the why we are happy and what does it mean, we should do the things that make us feel this ''happiness''. This moment was when I understood that happiness could be singing in the shower, painting or remember a good memory of the past.

Now, I believe that happiness is just a word, a word that all of the people and the things that we love build it. If we are happy with a person or doing a certain activity, we try to spend the most of our time with him/her or doing it. If we find something that make us really happy, our life will be better for us. This is not something that only lasts one or two days, it is something that burns inside of us and does not go out.

All in all, look for answers and try to know why we are happy has only one solution: find it for ourselves. We need to go out, we need to learn for ourselves. We need to understand it for our own way and do not let anybody else tell us what is it. So go out, go out to find what makes you happy.

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