jueves, 25 de diciembre de 2014


As we all know, today is an special day for everyone in the world. Yes, today is Christmas day!, a date that  people wait the whole year for many reasons, for example for spending a good time with their family  or in the case of children to play with the gifts that Santa has left the night before. Since we were child, our family, has told us the same history about Christmas, Santa and the three wise men, but nobody have thought that maybe this things are not as our parents have told us. 
Today I am going to talk about some curious things that in the last years I have discovered either by teachers, internet or television.

First of all, I have believed all my life that 'jingle bells' is a typical song of Christmas, but the last year my English teacher told me that this song it was not written for Christmas,  it was written for Thanksgiving day. Besides, Christmas seems to be an ancient tradition, nevertheless, it was not an official holiday in America until 1870.

In addition to this, people believe that the word 'Xmas' is created for this people that do not believe in God, but by the contrast, this word is Greek, an according to my Greek teacher 'X' means Christ in Greek language. Also, the Christmas socks that we usually put on the chimney have it origin when three unmarried girls that they could not marry because they had not money , put their socks in the chimney to dry it, and during the night of christmas it is believed that Santa put in the socks a sack of gold and the next day they could marry because they already had money. 

In conclusion,  there are a large number of speculations about Christmas and all of their traditions. I have shared with you which I considered the most interesting. 


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