domingo, 18 de enero de 2015

Third ''Práctica Evaluable''


Nowadays, people in Spain think that we have the best methods of education, but this is not true. If we compare it with other countries que can see that everything is a lie.

Firstly, when we start in the school, we are supposed to know the basic skills such as reading or writing, but in order to know how to read or write, we should have gone to the nursery school before. Nursery schools are often private, so the children of a person who does not have enough money is not able to go. As a result, the children will not know how to write properly. Furthermore, through our school period, most of our teachers show us how to study everything like a robot, not to understand the new things that we learn.

Secondly, when we arrive at the high school our life turns upside down. We have to study subjects that we do not like, such as math or language, only for 'common sense'. Besides, we spend the last two years of high school preparing the PAU exam. This is the worst thing that I have seen. We have to memorize a large number of units for every subject to 'puke' it on the exam for having the best mark to enter at the University.

On balance, Politicians in Spain do not realise the things that they are doing. We have to stop this issue as soon as possible, because if people continue to believe that we have the best education, in the future we will have robots that do not understand what they are studying, in spite of people who enjoy studying and learning new things everyday.

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